Friday, August 9, 2013

Essential Information - Read this first

Lessons are scheduled in half-hour or full-hour blocks. An hour lesson may be split between two siblings (half-hour each) or between two instruments for the same student.

You may pay for each lesson at the time of the lesson or for a month in advance at the first lesson of the month. You may pay by check, cash or PayPal. Special Offer: Pay for eight lessons in advance and receive the ninth lesson free.

Once you have reserved your time, it's yours. No one else can have it. So if you don't show up, there are three people affected: you, because you're missing out; another student who could have used that time; and your teacher, who is left twiddling his thumbs and wondering where you are.

If you know that you will miss a scheduled lesson, let us know prior to 12:00 noon on the day of your lesson. If possible, the lesson can be rescheduled for the same week, or the fee for the lesson can be rolled over if we have advance notice.

If you don't give us notice before 12:00 noon, you will still owe us for that lesson.
Remember, you are buying this time from Mr. Leamy and it is yours. Please come and use it.

Emergency circumstances will, of course, be taken into account.

In the interest of maximum progress, students are expected to come prepared (practiced and with book in hand).

If you have not yet done so, please fill out the parent and student information in the link provided here. It is important that we have your contact information.

Contact Mr. Leamy by text (preferred) or phone at 702.738.9560

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